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CheckPoint 156-315.80 dumps – 100% free pdf for 156-315.80 exam

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True or False: In a Distributed Environment, a Central License can be installed via CLI on a Security Gateway.
A. True, CLI is the prefer method for Licensing
B. False, Central License are handled via Security Management Server
C. False, Central Licenses are installed via Gaia on Security Gateways
D. True, Central License can be installed with CPLIC command on a Security Gateway
Correct Answer: D

What component of R80 Management is used for indexing?
A. DBSync
B. API Server
C. fwm
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is correct about the Sticky Decision Function?
A. It is not supported with either the Performance pack of a hardware based accelerator card
B. Does not support SPI\\’s when configured for Load Sharing
C. It is automatically disabled if the Mobile Access Software Blade is enabled on the cluster
D. It is not required L2TP traffic
Correct Answer: A

One of major features in R80 SmartConsole is concurrent administration.
Which of the following is NOT possible considering that AdminA, AdminB and AdminC are editing the same Security
A. A lock icon shows that a rule or an object is locked and will be available.
B. AdminA and AdminB are editing the same rule at the same time.
C. A lock icon next to a rule informs that any Administrator is working on this particular rule.
D. AdminA, AdminB and AdminC are editing three different rules at the same time.
Correct Answer: C

What is the minimum amount of RAM needed for a Threat Prevention Appliance?
A. 6 GB
B. 8GB with Gaia in 64-bit mode
C. 4 GB
D. It depends on the number of software blades enabled
Correct Answer: C

Which one of the following is true about Capsule Connect?
A. It is a full layer 3 VPN client
B. It offers full enterprise mobility management
C. It is supported only on iOS phones and Windows PCs
D. It does not support all VPN authentication methods
Correct Answer: A

You find one of your cluster gateways showing “Down” when you run the “cphaprob stat” command. You then run the
“clusterXL_admin up” on the down member but unfortunately the member continues to show down. What command do
you run to determine the cause?
A. cphaprob –f register
B. cphaprob –d –s report
C. cpstat –f all
D. cphaprob –a list
Correct Answer: D

You work as a security administrator for a large company. CSO of your company has attended a security conference
where he has learnt how hackers constantly modify their strategies and techniques to evade detection and reach
corporate resources. He wants to make sure that his company has the tight protections in place. Check Point has been
selected for the security vendor.
Which Check Point product protects BEST against malware and zero-day attacks while ensuring quick delivery of safe
content to your users?
A. IPS AND Application Control
B. IPS, anti-virus and anti-bot
C. IPS, anti-virus and e-mail security
D. SandBlast
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following links will take you to the SmartView web application?
A. https:///smartviewweb/
B. https:///smartview/
C. https://smartviewweb
D. https:///smartview
Correct Answer: B

Session unique identifiers are passed to the web api using which http header option?
A. X-chkp-sid
B. Accept-Charset
C. Proxy-Authorization
D. Application
Correct Answer: C

Full synchronization between cluster members is handled by Firewall Kernel. Which port is used for this?
A. UDP port 265
B. TCP port 265
C. UDP port 256
D. TCP port 256
Correct Answer: D
Synchronization works in two modes:
Full Sync transfers all Security Gateway kernel table information from one cluster member to another. It is handled by
the fwd daemon using an encrypted TCP connection on port 256. Delta Sync transfers changes in the kernel tables
between cluster members. Delta sync is handled by the Security Gateway kernel using UDP connections on port 8116.

SecureXL improves non-encrypted firewall traffic throughput and encrypted VPN traffic throughput.
A. This statement is true because SecureXL does improve all traffic.
B. This statement is false because SecureXL does not improve this traffic but CoreXL does.
C. This statement is true because SecureXL does improve this traffic.
D. This statement is false because encrypted traffic cannot be inspected.
Correct Answer: C
SecureXL improved non-encrypted firewall traffic throughput, and encrypted VPN traffic throughput, by nearly an orderof-magnitude- particularly for small packets flowing in long duration connections. Reference:

What is the most recommended way to install patches and hotfixes?
A. CPUSE Check Point Update Service Engine
B. rpm -Uv
C. Software Update Service
D. UnixinstallScript
Correct Answer: A

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