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CompTIA Recertification Exam (RC0-501)

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Which of the following BEST describes an attack where communications between two parties are intercepted and
forwarded to each party with neither party being aware of the interception and potential modification to the
A. Spear phishing
B. Main-in-the-middle
C. URL hijacking
D. Transitive access
Correct Answer: B

A vulnerability scanner that uses its running service\\’s access level to better assess vulnerabilities across multiple
assets within an organization is performing a:
A. Credentialed scan.
B. Non-intrusive scan.
C. Privilege escalation test.
D. Passive scan.
Correct Answer: A

A datacenter manager has been asked to prioritize critical system recovery priorities. Which of the following is the
MOST critical for immediate recovery?
A. Communications software
B. Operating system software
C. Weekly summary reports to management
D. Financial and production software
Correct Answer: B

A security administrator is tasked with conducting an assessment made to establish the baseline security posture of the corporate IT infrastructure. The assessment must report actual flaws and weaknesses in the infrastructure. Due to the
expense of hiring outside consultants, the testing must be performed using in-house or cheaply available resource.
There cannot be a possibility of any requirement being damaged in the test.
Which of the following has the administrator been tasked to perform?
A. Risk transference
B. Penetration test
C. Threat assessment
D. Vulnerability assessment
Correct Answer: D

The security administrator has installed a new firewall which implements an implicit DENY policy by default. Click on the
firewall and configure it to allow ONLY the following communication.
The Accounting workstation can ONLY access the web server on the public network over the default HTTPS port. The
accounting workstation should not access other networks.
The HR workstation should be restricted to communicate with the Financial server ONLY, over the default SCP port
The Admin workstation should ONLY be able to access the servers on the secure network over the default TFTP port.
Instructions: The firewall will process the rules in a top-down manner in order as a first match The port number must be
typed in and only one port number can be entered per rule Type ANY for all ports. The original firewall configuration
be reset at any time by pressing the reset button. Once you have met the simulation requirements, click save and then
Done to submit.

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Hot Area:

Bravecertified RC0-501 exam questions-q5-2

Correct Answer:

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Implicit deny is the default security stance that says if you aren\\’t specifically granted access or privileges for a
resource, you’re denied access by default.
Rule #1 allows the Accounting workstation to ONLY access the web server on the public network over the default
HTTPS port, which is TCP port 443.
Rule #2 allows the HR workstation to ONLY communicate with the Financial server over the default SCP port, which is
TCP Port 22
Rule #3 and Rule #4 allow the Admin workstation to ONLY access the Financial and Purchasing servers located on the
secure network over the default TFTP port, which is Port 69.
Stewart, James Michael, CompTIA Security+ Review Guide, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2014, pp.26, 44

The availability of a system has been labeled as the highest priority. Which of the following should be focused on the
MOST to ensure the objective?
A. Authentication
C. Full-disk encryption
D. File integrity checking
Correct Answer: B

After a user reports stow computer performance, a systems administrator detects a suspicious file, which was installed
as part of a freeware software package. The systems administrator reviews the output below:

Bravecertified RC0-501 exam questions-q7

Based on the above information, which of the following types of malware was installed on the user\\’s computer?
B. Keylogger
C. Spyware
D. Worm
E. Bot
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following would MOST likely appear in an uncredentialed vulnerability scan?
A. Self-signed certificates
B. Missing patches
C. Auditing parameters
D. Inactive local accounts
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is the proper way to quantify the total monetary damage resulting from an explogted
A. Calculate the ALE
B. Calculate the ARO
C. Calculate the MTBF
D. Calculate the TCO
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following security controls does an iris scanner provide?
A. Logical
B. Administrative
C. Corrective
D. Physical
E. Detective
F. Deterrent
Correct Answer: D


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Correct Answer:
Use the following answer for this simulation task:
Source IP
Destination IP
Port number
Firewall rules act like ACLs, and they are used to dictate what traffic can pass between the firewall and the internal
network. Three possible actions can be taken based on the rule\\’s criteria:
Block the connection
Allow the connection
Allow the connection only if it is secured
TCP is responsible for providing a reliable, one-to-one, connection-oriented session. TCP establishes a connection and
ensures that the other end receives any packets sent. Two hosts communicate packet results with each other. TCP
ensures that packets are decoded and sequenced properly. This connection is persistent during the session. When the
session ends, the connection is torn down.
UDP provides an unreliable connectionless communication method between hosts. UDP is considered a best-effort
protocol, but it\\’s considerably faster than TCP. The sessions don\\’t establish a synchronized session like the kind used
in TCP, and UDP doesn\\’t guarantee error-free communications. The primary purpose of UDP is to send small packets of
information. The application is responsible for acknowledging the correct reception of the data.
Port 22 is used by both SSH and SCP with UDP.
Port 443 is used for secure web connections

A security guard has informed the Chief Information Security Officer that a person with a tablet has been walking around
the building. The guard also noticed strange white markings in different areas of the parking lot. The person is
attempting which of the following types of attacks?
A. Jamming
B. War chalking
C. Packet sniffing
D. Near field communication
Correct Answer: B

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